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King Kebab House

The Best on Queen Street, in Campbelltown, in Sydney, in Australia



Halal Snack Pack

King Kebab House is the destination of the Halal Snack Pack pilgrimage. Thousands of Halal Snack Pack and Turkish street food enthusiasts come all the way to Campbelltown from different parts of Sydney and Australia and the rest of the world, to taste the best food on Queen Street, Campbelltown at King Kebab House


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Turkish Kebabs


Turkish Street Food

Chef Mevlana Cifci serves up traditional, regional Turkish specialties all day, from gozleme for breakfast to juicy and tender kebabs and halal snack pack for lunch and dinner. To complement our delicious food, we also serve Turkish desserts.


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Frequently praised and featured in media, we promise a memorable food experience every time.


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