Campbelltown sets the record

Saturday, 9 November, King Kebab House in Campbelltown set the current GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the Largest serving of doner kebab meat and chips*, by making a 100-meter snack pack, combined of 500kgs of meat, 450 kgs of chips, 300 kilograms of sauce and cheese in twenty minutes.

Thousands of people turned up at Queen Street in Campbelltown to take part in a Guinness World Records attempt. King Kebab House team prepared the setting with sauce and meat stations for World’s largest serving of doner kebab and chips by connecting 45 rectangular tables covering over 100 meters of the Queen Street mall, while the locals eagerly waited and watched the preparations for the record.

“We were blown away with the amazing support put in by everyone involved. We would like to thank to our neighbours, our community, our customers, the local media and of course Campbelltown City Council. It was a sight to behold – thousands of people joined in, made donations to the Campbelltown hospital and cheered for our staff running against time to set the world record.

“King Kebab House owes a lot to the people of Campbelltown and, we are committed to supporting our local community and take great pride in being able to give back. We’re so proud to have made this dream a reality here today and to have shone a spotlight on Campbelltown.” says Mevlana Cifci, owner/operator of King Kebab House.

“It was great to see so many people come down to Queen St to cheer on a local business during the Festival of Fisher’s Ghost,” Mayor George Brticevic said.

“I was proud to be able to witness the Guinness World Records attempt for Largest serving of doner kebab meat and chips and it was fantastic to see so many people tuck into some free Halal Snack Packs afterwards,” Cr Brticevic said.

The locals enjoyed all the action and the free food. Donations were collected and more than $11,000 were raised for the Campbelltown hospital.

The size of the food was recorded for Guinness World Records under strict protocol. Witness statements were recorded and sent to the Guinness World Records team for official certification.

The world record attempt was held at 2PM on Saturday 9 November in Campbelltown.