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Eagles posted a list of 10 Sydney HSP spots that get the best ratings. King Kebab House in Campbelltown came in at number one.

Daily Telegraph

King Kebab house had a little fun with the classic halal snack pack posting on their Facebook page: “our latest #invention: #kebab tic tac toe”. referring to the lines of barbecue sauce, mayonnaise and even chilli sauce.

The Daily Telegraph

Halal Snack Pack Appreciation Society makes pilgrimage to snack pack ‘Mecca’, King Kebab House

Sydney Morning Herald

Sam Dastyari is in King Kebab House, Campbelltown and shows us how to put together the best HSP in Sydney.

The Guardian

Sam Dastyari treats Senate to rave review of Campbelltown kebab house – video


Unpacking the halal snack pack


Labor Senator Reviews Halal Snack Pack in Parliament


Senator Sam Dastyari’s guide to halal snack packs

The Urban List

Kebab-ulous | Where To Get Great Kebabs In Sydney

Gourmet Traveller

Explainer: The Halal Snack Pack

TimeOut Sydney

King Kebab House is one of the few kebab joints that has the HSP on its actual menu

Triple M

Get Your Hands On The Best Kebabs In Sydney


Please explain the Halal Snack Pack? You've got it!

Man of Many 

In summary, this is the most beautiful snackky ive ever seen. I am so grateful i have been able to taste this wonder of the world. I am quite sad though, knowing this is it. This is the snackky to beat all snackkies. The batman to robin. The ren to my stimpy.

Man of Many -